Lessons of Education

21st, September, 2019

Within the ambience of humanity

Lies the spirit of education for survival,

If water can primarily keep us alive

A foundation built on education is life;


Development in all strata of life

Emanates from practical knowledge,

When we in the true values of education abide;

Our dreamy sunshine will shine brightly

And our stars of success will glitter with sparks;


In education, we’ve gotten all we need to survive,

When we combat the forces of nature

We do so with the lessons of education,

When we make discoveries for better lives,

In the spirit of education, we do so;


If l can truly learn and be taught well,

I believe I’ll survive and live life to the full,

From the soul of education ignites thus

The fire of civilization to burn for all of us;


Until we learn to live and survive through education,

We wouldn’t become real and better humans,

We’ve benefited from the fruit of education

More than Adam had gained in the Garden of Eden.


Poet/Lyricist – Henry. C.

Henry Chukwuma (c) Feb 2021. All Rights Reserved

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