Molded from the Ashes of Life-phenomena

Through the decision of my past

The tale of my future embodies blissful crest;

Though co-mixed with rights and wrongs

Still, with my head held high, Escaping woeful throngs.


I feel high when in goodness, I thrive

Yet, in abundance of success,

Always happiness, I derive.

As I beckon on the best life can offer

I await the worst it can as well proffer.


Bounded by my staunch will and hope

Of a better tomorrow that will come

Even amidst shattered dust of past ashes

That will in short time stand tall as lofty glories.


In salutation to my honour as a hustler

I pledge in all my struggles to be ‘a big-time player

Crouched with the faith of ‘what comes my way

I’ll in an ultimate degree, my dues pay.


Poet/Lyricist – Henry. C.

Henry. C. Chukwuma © July 2021. All Rights Reserved


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