A Cup-full of Broken Ice

Dedicated to victims of KABUL airport chaos on August 16th 2021 following U.S. policy withdrawal from Afghanistan after 20 years of U.S. occupation in war against Al Qaeda, ISIS and Taliban forces. However, on 3rd May, 2017, I wrote a poem on “Issues of global war and terrorism in international politics”, but most of the underlying messages therein reflect the continuous rise in tension and threats of war as we see it unfold in many parts of the world today.

The bang of war has been beaten

Causing a battle line to be drawn,

The cry of war has began to ring aloud

To produce shots of undignified threats.


The world’s land is fertile with enemity

And soaked with grudges,

Brewing atmosphere of war

Ready to be cultivated whilst waiting

For a quarrelsome spark of light to ignite it.


The world’s curtain has been drawn

Exposing clashing swords of choices

And juxtaposition of differences in needs

As the language of violence ensues.


In the quest to change the world,

It may not too hard

when humanity in good faith wishes it so.

Bettering the world,

In our hands lies

The need for humans

To think and re-think, learn and re-learn

Adjust and readjust worldly values.


To every spoilt object not yet amended

We consider it condemned

When no hand of reconstruction

Has attempted to remodify it.


In avoidance of a universal bomb blast

That could lead to a world thorn apart,

Hanging cobwebs of war

In all continents must be removed

In restoration of a planet

Once clothed in nakedness of innocence.  


Poet/Lyricist – Henry. C.

Henry. C. Chukwuma © August 2021. All Rights Reserved


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