A package of love

Lyrics on “practical expectations of genuine love, sacrifice, friendship and relationship

Also, you can read it in https://allpoetry.com/poem/16077807-A-package-of-love–by-Henrychukwuma717

You who chose me

When I had nothing

With loyalty and confidence

That I am a treasure,


You chose nothing

In the world except me

Hence, I’ll reject

The entire world for you;


You who stayed

By my dreams to protect them

With passion and zeal

That they’ll come true;


Among the things

You deserve most-

Crowning you

With stars is the least;


Clasped hand in hand,

We’ll conquer

With the will to live in the future,

Stopping even time,


Together, in good faith

Let’s walk down the aisle

To confess our solemn oath

Of love to humans and to God.


Forever, you’ll become

The cornerstone

Of the history I’ll make.


Poet/Lyricist – Henry. C.

Henry. C. Chukwuma © August 2021. All Rights Reserved


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