The problems of 21st century

Can we survive this time?

Yes, we can

Can we win this war?

Yes, we can

In many fronts, war awaits us

War!  War! War!


If we can fight terrorism

Why can’t we fight extremism?

If we can fight racial supremacy

Why can’t we fight culture superiority?

If we can fight social injustice

Why can’t we fight fake news?

If we can fight policy domination

Why can’t we fight culture cancellation?

If we can fight covid-19 virus and cyber warfare

Why can’t we fight poverty and hunger?


Protect! Protect! Protect!

If we can protect womens’ rights

Why can’t we protect religious differences?

If we can protect free speech

Why can’t we protect identity crisis victims?


Create! Save! Create!

If we can create skill economy

We can’t we save human jobs?

If we can conquer the space

We can’t we save our earth?


Can we win this battle?

Battle for the soul of human survival

Can we bridge this divide?

Divide along race, creed and belief lines


Together! Together! Together!

With spine and steel

Made of metal and guts

Woven in spirit of oneness

We can win all wars together.

Poet/Lyricist – Henry. C.


Henry. C. Chukwuma © September 2021. All Rights Reserved


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