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Be there for me

I’ve been your shield Can you be there for me too? Not as a cheap ass Nor a cheat lass *** [Chorus] When I see you, I see hope You’ve been the one on top That has kept me going atop *** Love is a friendly prison, Even when it weakens the flesh It strengthens … Continue reading Be there for me

Wheels and Wills

Sounding the bugle of legends, Blowing the trumpet of Heroism, Echoing the drumbeat of Blessedness, Chanting the songs of masquerade, All into the ears of the mother earth. From a Clattering Chatter Melodious musical note gather; *** To every deity A sacrifice of brunt offering is offered; To every animal, A scent or communication identifies … Continue reading Wheels and Wills

Tarnished Glory of Lofty Empire

(The strengths and weaknesses of human attributes. The fanciful nature of human achievements and the neglect of human core values.) We’ve built tall walls of enemity Yet unable to reclaim lost friendships ** We’ve discovered the solar system  Yet we’ve been defeated by ourselves ** We’ve built earth-demolishing missiles Yet we’ve lost our sense of … Continue reading Tarnished Glory of Lofty Empire

Love with ‘no but’

I was a bit surprised at how members of appreciated and analysed this poem I published on their website at–no-but–by-Henrychukwuma717 (A poem on the true nature of love – a love that accepts all faults.) Eternity meeting present, I knowThat a crown without thorn, is no glory,Amidst her gentle bosom of tendernessI recall … Continue reading Love with ‘no but’

My Dream’s way

Down with doomsday tears I’ve wished more for sky’s torch To light my dream’s way Poised to win with spine and steel And shine once aglow in awe *** Tanka : Eager and Hope, Wish and Dream, Poise and Shine Poet/Lyricist – Henry. C. Henry Chukwuma (c) March 2021. All Rights Reserved

Heroes and Honours

(In memory of past and present contributors to history and society) Whenever I raise my right hand To make an arc Of reverence beside my forehead To pledge my honorary salutation To the history’s figures of stature And ancestral heroes of the past, I recall the real pictures Of their painful struggles Inherent in their … Continue reading Heroes and Honours

Consoling Gong

(The healing balm of truth and hope) Air travels into the atmosphere, In the spaceship of wind, Furtively, it moves in a hurry, Like a soldier in a rescue mission. *** My wound lay bare, For flies to lick, tread and peck on. Painfully, I follow the echoes of the gong- Into an unknown forest, … Continue reading Consoling Gong


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