My Story

From the fertile land

of story and rich epic

I’ll tell my story raw.
From the mountain’s songs,  

I’ll sing my song aloud


A patched history

Dense in craft, soul and values,

Of history tinted

in blood; soiled in sweat,

Weaved and tailored in art

Story of all race


Poet/Lyricist – Henry. C.

Henry. C. Chukwuma © April 2021. All Rights Reserved

My Dream’s way

Down with doomsday tears

I’ve wished more for sky’s torch

To light my dream’s way

Poised to win with spine and steel

And shine once aglow in awe


Tanka : Eager and Hope, Wish and Dream, Poise and Shine

Poet/Lyricist – Henry. C.

Henry Chukwuma (c) March 2021. All Rights Reserved

Sick World

for the victims and survivals of Covid 19 in Vietnam

Shock and terror

It rains and struck meteoric

Spreading fast and wide

It’s bitter sting-deadly claws

Cruel-besieged us globally


Killing and maiming

Millions dead, losses counted

Business closed, jobs lost

Behold! untold pandemic 

Panic, tears and pain felt


Stained-virus sick world

Beaten down from covid 19

‘Stay home’, we’re told

Stone-faced we hid, died and cried 

For losses lost forever


Poet/Lyricist – Henry. C.

Henry Chukwuma (c) Feb 2021. All Rights Reserved

To my Bosom Lover

From the onset

you caught my sight

And won my heart,

Like  magic stars

We’re glued together


Oh! my rose

Your flowery taste is good

And your body contours all rhyming

With character well deserving,

Cuddling you to sleep at night

Keeps my soul awake

To take on the world


On my breath, I have vowed

To cherish you all my life,

Seeing you smile is my joy

I know no other love than this

And I pray it last long


In your love’s bosom

I always find the will

To climb ahead,

If this love is really a crime,

I’ll be glad to commit it.


Poet/Lyricist – Henry. C.

Henry Chukwuma (c) Feb 2021. All Rights Reserved