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Our Goal and Interest

Be there for me

I’ve been your shield Can you be there for me too? Not as a cheap ass Nor a cheat lass *** [Chorus] When I see you, I see hope You’ve been the one on top That has kept me going atop *** Love is a friendly prison, Even when it weakens the flesh It strengthens … Continue reading Be there for me

Wheels and Wills

Sounding the bugle of legends, Blowing the trumpet of Heroism, Echoing the drumbeat of Blessedness, Chanting the songs of masquerade, All into the ears of the mother earth. From a Clattering Chatter Melodious musical note gather; *** To every deity A sacrifice of brunt offering is offered; To every animal, A scent or communication identifies … Continue reading Wheels and Wills


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4 thoughts on “Home

  1. Honestly, the simplest explanation of poetry is that it is the universal language of the soul as postulated by Plato. The Poet, Henry, indeed sure know how to pour out this powerful feelings in writing.

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  2. What an interesting website! Your poetic and lyric content meets the vision the website sets out to achieve. Keep it up Henry Chukwuma. You are really adept and masterly in the path you have chosen to thread on in imparting knowledge and contributing to solving societal ills through poetry and lyrics.

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