Love with ‘no but’

I was a bit surprised at how members of appreciated and analysed this poem I published on their website at–no-but–by-Henrychukwuma717

(A poem on the true nature of love – a love that accepts all faults.)

Eternity meeting present, I know
That a crown without thorn, is no glory,
Amidst her gentle bosom of tenderness
I recall the portrait
Of the pure soul of the cloud.


With no dot of imperfection,
I refuse to put down my hand of love,
Wanting, though I may find her,
Unwavering, I made her bosom
My best place of rest.


Who will buy me a cup of love?
Can any mortal define my stance?
If only I can eternally drink
From her sweet coated lips,
My lifelong thirst would be quenched.


Poet/Lyricist – Henry. C.

Henry Chukwuma © March 2021. All Rights Reserved


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